We use Mitten, Great Barrier and LP Smart Side siding materials to withstand the extreme weather conditions that we experience in the U.P. Wind driven rain/snow/sleet, hot sun and double digit below freezing temperatures put your homes first line of defense to the test. We have selected the products that have a proven record of standing up for many years in our climate. Our trained installers ensure that your siding is installed to the manufacturers  recommendations for maximum protection of your home.

Are you looking to refresh the look of your home? We offer more than 55 different colors in 9 different styles that can be mixed and matched to give your home a custom, modern look. We use modern technology to take pictures of your home and adjust colors to provide you with a digital rendition of your “after” pictures. Visit our striking before and after project gallery!


Protect your home investment with Sentry!
•Available in the full spectrum of Mitten colors
•Roll-over nail hem increases rigidity to resist bowing and buckling
•Low gloss Color-Rich finish, with Cedar-Grain texture
•Premium .044″ heavy wall panels designed to shield and protect your home
•Distinctive deep silhouette provides rich shadow lines
•Contoured lock system design helps connect your panels securely to walls and stay there for added “peace of mind”
•Withstands winds up to 180 mph
•Lifetime Fade Protection Guarantee
•Limited Lifetime Warranty

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With Great Barrier Premium Vinyl Siding, it’s what’s down under that really counts. The XLok™ Technology features JawsLock®, a Superior Full Reversed Rolled-Over Nail Hem that doubles the thickness of the panel where it’s nailed to the wall. Combined with the NailRIGHT™ Siding Installation System, they assure an installation that’s secure and accurate.

Great Barrier Premium Vinyl Siding includes an array of natural colors as well as an expansive collection of darker shades with tremendous homeowner appeal that resist fading and discoloring via our proprietary ColorHold® acrylic technology.

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More and more builders are choosing LP® SmartSide®  siding for their signature projects. LP® SmartSide® engineered wood products give builders the ability to construct homes faster – and with a wow factor that leaves a lasting impression. With its advanced durability, beauty and workability, LP SmartSide is a brand many of today’s most successful builders stake their reputations on.

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